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  Scuba Dive shop in the Philippines - FAQ
Diver's Network Philippines - Questions

FAQ - Subic, Manila, Anilao, Philippines


General Questions

Q. What type of Tanks do you use?

A. We use standard 12 liters /80-cubic-foot aluminum tanks fitted with K-valves compatible with the standard regulator yoke screw.

For those divers who are heavy on air consumption or would like to make longer dives 15 lit re tanks are available on request.

For the smaller or younger divers we also have small compact 8 lit re / 50-cubic-foot tanks.

Q. How deep are the dive sites?

A. The Diving around The Philippines is diverse and plentiful with un-limited number of dive sites to suit both beginners and experienced divers alike. With our weekly schedule you can choose the type of Diving that you prefer, whether it be deep or shallow. For those in to technical scuba Diving depths are endless. Wrecks, caves.....

Q. I need vission correction. Is that a problem?

A. Not at all. If you wear soft contact lenses, you shouldn't have problems wearing them when you dive. If you wear hard lenses, you'll want the gas permeable type for Diving. See your eye doctor about these if you don't have them now. Another option is to have prescription lenses put into your mask. Stop in and see our Desert Divers professionals about this service.

Q. Are there any AGE restrictions?

A. NOT AS SUCH. You do need to be 18 years old in order to become a PADI professional i.e. Divemaster or above. Having said that there is no reason why we can't train 17 year olds to Rescue diver certification and then wait for the following training - as indeed we have. There is NO maximum intern age for the internship. We have trained people from 17 - 59 years of age. I would not be surprised to have a 60 year old++ join the program at some stage. Due to the fact that there are younger guys and gals that would like to get involved in the scuba Diving industry we added the Master Scuba Diver program that takes dive trainees up to the highest possible recreational scuba Diving qualification ready for when they turn 18 and they can them become a dive professional and work in the dive industry. Details of the Master Scuba Diver Trainee program can be seen here.

Q. Can I stay at your center for more experience after the PRO courses is completeed?

A. Of course you can and we try to actively encourage it without any pressure. The reason being that you are much more attractive to an employer with a little experience. There is a cost to this experience. If you are a new instructor from elsewhere then you are more than welcome to join us for a short 1 month or 3 months internship providing you with many certifications and specialties taking you to Master Scuba Diver Trainer or Staff Instructor rating. This will allow you within a trainee ship to gain teaching dive certifications with students whilst learning and honing many more dive skills.

Q. How can I sign up?

A. Simply fill out our online form or send a fax or email, telling us which trip/course you are interested in and how many places you need. We will then confirm within 48 hours.

Q. Is the Philippines female friendly?

A. The Philippines is generally very female friendly. Out of all of the countries that I have traveled in personally I have never heard so many women say how safe they feel in a country such as The Philippines . There are no “shirt tuggers” or “hasslers” like you in many countries. The Philippines is a great place to scuba train and generally have fun. Granted there is the night life that appeals to a certain audience (usually male orientated) but this can be found throughout The Philippines and basically S. E. Asia alike. It does not mean that we need to visit these places. Subic and Manila hosts so many wonderful pass-times there is something here for the young, the old, the male or the female. Scuba Dive, but let’s also dine well, go to the cinema, play golf, water ski, paraglide, mountain trek…there is so much to do here that it is a shame for anyone to miss out, female or male.

Q. I have a laptop / palm top and would like to use email, is there access? Can I stay in touch with friends and family?

A. There are internet cafes on literally every corner that you can use for between $1.5 - $3 per hour - hence very in-expensive indeed.

If you wish to use the internet at the shop then we have a FREE terminal that all of the dive clients are welcome to use at any time of the day - this is always connected.

If you are coming with a Laptop or Palm top and it has Wi-Fi - then we have a FREE ADSL Wi-Fi connection that you can use. It's great being able to check email over a great lunch (and for FREE). For details of how to connect your computer to our "in-house" Wi-Fi" contact any of us at the shop.


About PADI Scuba Diving Courses

What is PADI?

PADI - the Professional Association of Diving Instructors - is the largest dive training organization in the world with affiliated dive centers and members in more than 100 countries.

How old must I be?

Anyone from age 10 upwards in good health can enroll in a PADI Diving course?

Do I need to pass a medical?

Before you can enroll in your course, you must sign a medical statement that says you are fit to dive. If you had any pre-existing conditions, they must be signed off by a doctor.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

No, you don't. But you should feel comfortable in the water. A 10 minute float and a 200 meter swim or a 300 meter snorkel swim is to be completed prior to certification.


About IDC Courses

How to prepare for the IDC?

Your ultimate success during the IDC program depends greatly on the amount of preparation you put in prior to the program. It is important to spend time studying your dive theory, as this will not be taught during the IDC Program.

This is knowledge that you should already have. If you prepare this in advance, it will give you more time during the IDC to focus on the teaching aspect

You should begin your self-study well in advance of your IDC and complete the following steps:

  • Review the Diving Knowledge Workbook and the Encyclopedia of Diving, concentrating on the five topics that you will be tested on in your IE; Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills and Environment and RDP.
  • Prior to the start of the IDC you also need to complete all of the knowledge reviews (16) in the Instructor Candidate Workbook. Answering these knowledge reviews in advance will help you to relax a little more during the IDC, and allow you more time to prepare for your teaching presentations
  • Obtain an Instructor Manual and become familiar with it. Use the manual to answer the standards exam in the Instructor Candidate Workbook. Make sure that the manual is updated. Updates are available on PADI's Web site PADI members can download these free of charge from the "PADI Professionals" page on the PADI website.
  • Enroll in our 2 day IDC Prep course which will cover all of the above topics as well as have the assurance of our money back guarantee.

During the IDC, we will give you a pre-assessment examination to find how you stand with regard to your level of Diving knowledge.

What is Our Guarantee?

If any candidate participating in our IDC Prep Course is not then successful in the Instructor Examination, we will pay for them to attend the next IE in The Philippines and invite them to join the next IDC completely free of charge

Is the IDC Candidate Workbook included in the Course?

We do include the IDC Candidate workbook in our IDC program, however If you purchase your own copy prior to arrival (giving you more time to prepare) we will reimburse the cost of the workbook in accordance with PADI's current trade price.

What Demo Skills should I practice?

Practice your skill demonstrations in the pool or Confined Open water site, focusing on skills such as: Mask removal and replacement, Scuba unit removal and replacement, Weight belt removal and replacement, Fin pivot (oral and low pressure inflator hose) , Hovering, Buddy Breathing stationary and swimming, Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA). Practice rescue skills focusing on the unconscious diver at the surface (exercise #7) in the Rescue Diver Course.

What Documentation should I bring?

  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Signed medical statement dated within 12 months
  • All certification Cards and a photocopy of any non PADI Certifications
  • Log Book showing proof of 60 dives (100 dives required for IE)

What PADI Materials do I need?

You will need to have a set of the following PADI training materials to participate in the IDC

  • PADI IDC Candidate Workbook
  • PADI Instructor Manual
  • Confined Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards
  • Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards
  • Confined Open Water Presentation Slate
  • Open Water Presentation Slate
  • Open Water Quizzes & Exams
  • Rescue Diver Exam
  • Divemaster Exams

What Dive Equipment do I need?

A full set of Diving equipment is required to attend an IDC and if needed can be purchased from our Retail Center. All our IDC candidates are entitled to 20% discount on Retail equipment and 50% on some special promotions.

For those attending an IDC in the cooler winter months some warm clothing is needed for the Open Water and pool training sessions. The Temperature in the Philippines ranges very little over the year, with a summer high (April / May) of 32 degrees centigrade and a winter low (Nov / December) of 26 Degrees.

However, in winter the temperature in the swimming pools can drop as low as 25 degrees and this may affect your choice of wetsuit to bring.

When can I begin teaching?

As soon as the paperwork from your IE has be processed by PADI. Depending on your where your permanent address is, this generally takes between two to four weeks.

You will be granted credit for the portion of the course you have completed, and can finish the course at a later time.


No, you only get the 1 or 2 dives that are required for each specific Specialty Instructor where a Course Director needs to be present. The remaining dives are not included in the package.

Padi / DSAT / ANDI and TDI Instructor and diver courses - Diver's Network - Subic, Manila, Anilao, Philippines.

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